My Android Phone Internet is Slow

Simplest way to increase internet connection of Android phone

Most of the people around the world would love to use Android phones because of its wide range of exciting features. Android phones are capable enough to perform most of the task which can be done on any computer or laptop. One of the most important aspects is that you can perform highly authenticated transaction on phone itself using trusted internet connection within few clicks. However, sometimes when the internet connection becomes slower due to network problems, fluctuating battery conditions, etc. Then, it is very much possible that the transaction may not be declined. In such situations, you need to find precise answer to question such as “Why my Android phone internet is slow? One of the major reasons behind this is due to accumulation of large amount of user browsing history. Basically, slow internet issue develops when the gadget gets few months old and browsing history grows. Then, removal of the browsing history from Android phone can be easily carried out by Remo MORE utility which is capable enough to improve internet connection of Android phone with ease.

Each of the browsers installed on Android phone is responsible for accumulation of large number of downloaded files. Here the question may arise that downloaded files are saved either on memory card or internal memory, so how is it possible that it impact the performance of browser? When the files are downloaded using Android phone the file detail is kept over the browser. Therefore, the speedy connection to server for different websites goes slow. In order to overcome such drawbacks, you can steadily employ this powerful software at your finger tips. The other attributes of any Android phone browser which can impact functioning of smartphone are bookmarks, cookies, set of commonly used websites and much more options. As these, details grows the speed of the browser gets slow and lack of internal memory on the phone can also be another reason for sluggish performance of the browser. To know more deetailed information to increase internet conection of Android devices, click here

Moreover, this software has been recommended by expert group of professionals to enhance the internet settings of the phone and steadly improve performance of the Android smartphone. With the aid of this software you can clear junk files, browser history, cache and increase performance Xperia x10 and improve network connectivity. Besides, you can employ this software to increase internet connnectivity of the Smartphone and Tablets of numerous manufactuiring brands such as Sony, Samsung, Lenovo, etc based on Android OS versions like Jellybean, Sandwich, Ice Cream, Gingerbread, etc.Make use of this result oriented approach to improve internat connection of Android phone or tablet running on latest versions of Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2007, 2003, etc with ease.

Things to be Remembered:

  • Regularly check the internet connections and restart your Android smartphone whenever it gets slow due to any reason. Since, this procedure can close each of the opened apps at that time.
  • Make sure that you delete browsing history, bookmarks which aren’t useful, download detail, etc. at regular interval of time.
  • Always uninstall useless tools from the phone to optimize the internet connection and make use of the trusted internet connections

Steps to Boost Up Android Internet Connection:

Step 1: Initially, download and install Remo MORE application on your Android device. Now, launch this software on your device to get the main window as shown in Fig 1

My Android Phone Internet is Slow - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: Now, choose the browsing history, cookies, cache, etc stored on Android phone which need to be cleaned up as illustrated in Fig 2

My Android Phone Internet is Slow - Select Option

Fig 2: Select Cache

Step 3: Further, you can click on clean cacahe option to clear entire junk files from Android device and improve internet connectvity as illustrated in Fig 3

My Android Phone Internet is Slow - Clean Cache

Fig 3: Clean Cache

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