My Android is Slow

Worried!!! Thinking about how to speed up your Android phone!!!

Most of the users around the world, prefer to use Android phone because of its wide range of features. However, sometimes, certain questions related to speed of Android phone generally arises after using this gadget more frequently overtime. Considerably, when you buy Android phone like Sony Xperia X10, it functions quite smoothly, because it doesn’t contain any junk files within its internal or external storage phone memory. However, after elapsed usage, you may store data such as multimedia files, install applications and many other data on the phone according to the requirements. As a result, this can eventually slow down accessing speed and performance of your Android phone.


Most often junk files stored on Android phone causes sluggish performance of the phone. In addition, lack of free memory space over the phone, extensive rough usage of phone can also responsible for slow peformance of Android phone. As we all know that for functioning of any application it requires reasonable amount of free space. The lack of internal memory space adversely impacts the functioning of different other application that is functioning on mobile. Scarcity of memory space on Android supported phone can happen because of different reasons, a few of them are mentioned below:

  • Due to Installation of useless applications
  • Because of Increasing number of temporary files
  • Saving unnecessary registry file

In order to overcome such above mentioned scenarios, make use of Remo MORE application within few clicks. Also, in similar fashion to speed up Android phone internet got slow down because of large number of unused apps and files available over the browser. As this kind of problem strikes, the very first question that arises in users mind is “Why my Android phone internet is slow?” One of the major reasons behind poor performance of Android phone is because of availablity of huge apps cache browser history. As the browser history increses, it hampers the speed and performance. Along with browser history the other things which act as hindrance for browsing are download history, bookmarks, username and passwords of different online accounts, and variuos others. In such case, you can employ this user friendly software to easily speed up slower and degrading performance of Android phone and tablet of numerous manufacturing brands such as Samsung, Micromax, Lenovo, Sony, etc with ease.


Android phone is capable to hold large number of installed application at a single instant of time. However, if the number of installed application increases overtime, then it paves way for slow performance of Android phone. As this happens, Android phone frequently gets freeze many a times during its use. One of the main reason behind Android phone running slow and freezing because of linstalling arge number of application shortcuts and opening all apps in a single instance of time. And simultaneously opening multiple applications considerably decreses accessing speed and consume large amount of the memory space. So, to enhance the speed and performance of the slower Android devices you can simply utilize this step by step proces to optimize the degrading performance of Android device within few clicks.


Sometimes, you fail to enhance speed of slower Android phone, then only option left with the users is to restore the phone. The disadvantage of restoring phone is that it uninstalls each of the application that were installed earlier( hence, the application which were bought are lost). So, what must be done to increase performance on Xperia x10 like Android phones? The best solution is to make use of this powerful software, which is capable enough to wipe out junk files in matter of few minutes.Memory card of the Android phone can also be responsible for slow activity of the Android phones. Uncertainly, If the memory card which is attached to the phone gets damaged anyhow, it delibrately affect the performance of the phone. This software is capable enough to improve the sluggis performance of the Android phone memory card of types such as SD card, SDHC, SDXC, mini SD, CF card, XD card, etc of numerous manufacturing brands such as SanDisk, Transcend, Kinston, LaCie, etc. With the help of this result oriented application one can increase the slower performance of Android devices runningon latest versions of Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 20007, 2003, etc.


To improve the sluggish performance of the Android smartphone you have to take some preventive measures, a few of them are listed below:

  • Disable or Uninstall unused apps or programs installed on the Android phone
  • Restart the phone, when it is performing very slowly
  • Close the applications on the phone which are of no use
  • Periodically remove the junk details from different locations such as browser history, download history, bookmarks, etc.
  • Move some of the applications from phone to memory card

Steps to Speed up Android:

Step 1: Download and install Remo MORE application on your Android device. Now, launch this software on your device to getthe main screen as shown in Fig 1

My Android Is Slow - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, in the next screen you can get the total numeber of cache file and foldes size as illustrated in Fig 2

My Android Is Slow - Select Option

Fig 2: Select Option

Step 3: Further, you can select on clean cacahe option to clean up entire junk files from Android device as illustrated in Fig 3

My Android Is Slow - Clean Cache

Fig 3: Clean Cache

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